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  • The zodiac astrological wheel depicts the Earth’s (and planets’) yearly rotational movement around the Sun, and through our zodiac. The Sun initiates a zodiac season, with the Moon and the Sun in conjunct and in the same sign. The Moon orbits around Earth as it travels through the entire zodiac taking approximately 29.5 days to complete its lunar cycle, changing signs every 2.5 days while highlighting and shifting different areas in our lives with a certain energetic tone each day of the week. 


        The wheel is divided into twelve equal segments known as the Houses, each parallel to its ruling zodiac sign. Each sign corresponds to an element and modality. They each carry their own special vibrations influenced by the cosmos. When combined, it creates a unique character that gives the Houses twelve distinct energy fields and their corresponding sign its magical qualities. They illuminate different areas in our lives and provide a roadmap to understanding our past, present and future. 


    Each print is made-to-order and hand foiled in-house featuring our signature silver foil finish on premium black cardstock, then sealed in our branded envelope ready for gifting.

    Zodiac Astrological Wheel Art Print



    • FEATURES: Silver foil finish on premium black cardstock

      SIZE: Letter Size (8.5x 11 inches)

      PAPER: Acid-free and Lignin-free Cardstock - 100 lb/271 gsm

    •  Each print is sealed in an envelope ready for gifting and sent in a thick, sturdy recycled cardboard envelope to keep your print protected. Ships within 4 business days.

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