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  • Tap into ancient lore with one of the oldest spiritual practices - the art of pendulum dowsing. Unlock the power of your subconscious mind and connect with your intuition to access divine guidance from higher realms of consciousness.


    Dowsing is the art of using a tool to communicate with your Intuition and access information that is not directly available in our conscious mind but stored deep in the intuitive side of the brain. Pendulums are nothing more than an instrument used to give your Intuition a language with which to communicate. It responds by small nerve reaction generated by your subconcious mind when you think of a particular matter. This reaction travels to your fingers emitting a subtle vibration that affects the movement of the chain bearing the pendulum’s weight.


    This double-sided pendulum has been carefully designed to simulate an actual ancient ritual tool to emit the most mystical and antique essence. Holding it truly feels like a little treasure full of energy and wisdom from ancient times. 


    Displayed on a beautiful 9" antique silver chain adorned with bezel-set crystals, this pendulum features a Fluorite crystal point on one end - to strengthen the connection with the spiritual realm and enhance creative intuition, and on the other end, the serene and reflective energy of Moonstone - to enhance deep introspection and amplify the connection to your subconscious. These crystals in companion strike a harmonious balance to increase effectiveness and accuracy for pendulum divination while harnessing the magical properties these unique crystals have to offer when kept close. Each end carries its own distinct energetic properties and can serve individual purposes but also synergize when used together.


    This piece is one of only eight of its kind created, making it an even more special and exclusive piece to own. 


    Comes with a small cotton pouch for storage and a care/instructions card.


    For best results pair with our Pendulum Oracle Chart


    Pendulum Oracle Divination Tool

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    • CRYSTALS: Rainbow Fluorite .8"x1.5" inches

      Moonstone .6"x.8" inches

      CHAIN: Antique silver plated with bezeled crystals - 9" inches long

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