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  • Metanoia | Law of Attraction Journal, a guided journal for manifesting magic.

    This journal is a full cosmic guide to help you live in alignment with the Law of Attraction by raising your energy vibration and connecting with your magnetic self, to essentially, create a more balanced and intentional life. You’ll lead the day with intention and reflect upon the day that passed to continually attract what you wish to manifest in your life.

    This guided journal provides 240 pages with a series of techniques, exercises and routines that will help raise your best vibration followed by 45 days of morning and evening writing prompts that serve as a daily guide to mantain your vibrational energy at a healthy level.


    Use with your favorite gel pen or add our recommended white gel pen (Sakura Gelly Roll .05mm) to your order during checkout (while supplies last).

    Metanoia | Law of Attraction Journal

    • - Law of Attraction Guide
      - Techniques on how to Raise Your Vibration
      - Life Balance Wheel Exercises
      - Short-Term & Long-Term Goals List
      - Intentions Examples and Excercises
      - Affirmations Examples and Excercises
      - Bedtime Affirmations Examples
      - The 4 Elements Guide
      - Color Magic Guide
      - Guide to Lunar Magic
      - Daily, Weekly, & 30 Day Manifestation Plan
      - Lunar Cycle Manifestation Plan
      - 45 Days of Morning & Evening Writing Prompts
      - Alphabetical List of Emotive Words
      - Inspirational Quotes

    • - 240 Pages
      - A5 Size | 5.83"x8.27"
      - #50 paper
      - Uncoated, Matte Paper
      - Traditional Hardcover Binding
      - 2 Ribbon Bookmark

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