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  • The complete wax seal collection on a sticker sheet. Inspired by centuries-old tradition used to authenticate documents and correspondence, our exclusive wax seals infuse a timeless touch of old-world craftsmanship and sophistication to any stationery and packaging. 


    Handcrafted with meticulously care and precision using traditional techniques, each seal is delicately pressed onto mailable wax with a 25mm (1”) wax stamp, resulting in a unique, one-of-kind seal every time. Conveniently offered as premade stickers with a self-adhesive backing.  Simply “peel & stick”, instantly enhacing your creations with ease of use

    Celestial Wax Seal Sticker Sheet

    • • 5 designs, 15 seals

      • Crafted with a 1" stamp
      • Strong adhesive backing
      • In Silver, Charcoal and Black tones

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