As you may all know my beautiful island Puerto Rico took a beating after all, not just any beating, a-life-changing-yesterday-is-gone-category-5-hurricane-and-now-unfolding-a-humanitarian-crisis kind of

beating. I never thought I lived the day to see this place in ruins, the future has never been more uncertain for Puerto Rico, the suffering is real and going outside is an apocalypic horror. To go out on the street, even if to help others, means you expose yourself to become more of a victim.

Through it all, I must say I am very proud to be a part of such a strong, secured and resourceful community, Ciudadela, which stood tall and strong throughout the entire hurricane process, we're almost back to normal and because of this, this community has been able to help many along the way. For this, I am very fortunate, but it goes without saying that the rest of the island is in serious trouble and needs EVERYONE'S help. I'm in a position where I can help, I have direct contact with resources, suppliers and donation collection centers, all a few feet away. I can help make a difference with your help through donations, so I decided to start a foundation called Abraza a Puerto Rico where you'll be able to make donations that will be used to buy supplies directly from my local resources and delivered straight to the collection centers available throughout my community.

So, I kindly ask (more like beg), to please, please, please help me, help my island recover from all this madness. You can make donations for as little as $2. Imagine if everyone donates $2? A little goes a long way here.

But first things first, please SHARE and help me spread the word!


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