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  • The Zodiac Wheel depicts the Earth's yearly rotational movement around the Sun. The wheel is divided into 12 equal segments or the Houses, which are also parallel to the 12 Zodiac signs. Each sign corresponds to one of the 4 Elements and 3 Modalities. The Elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth - form the basis of life and make up our entire existance. They relate to specific personality traits and tendencies. The Modalities - Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable - express the Elements qualities. Each of these carry their own special energy and the two together equals twelve distinct energy fields, aka the Houses, and is what gives the corresponding sign it's magical qualities reflecting back to Earth. The Houses, each one ruled by a different sign, define areas in your life and provide a roadmap to understanding your past, present and future.


    Further more, as the Moon travels every 2.5 days through each of the houses and signs on its orbit around Earth, it highlights different areas in our lives and gives a certain heightened energetic tone to each day of the week. 


    Zodiac Wheel Art Print

    • FEATURES: Silver foil finish on premium black cardstock

      SIZE: Letter Size (8.5x 11 inches)

      PAPER: Acid-free and Lignin-free Cardstock - 100 lb/271 gsm

    •  Each print is sealed in an envelope ready for gifting and sent in a thick, sturdy recycled cardboard envelope to keep your print protected. Ships within 4 business days.

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