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Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

By purchasing this listing you are granted permission to choose one of my existing designs to get tattooed.


Some tattoo shops require some sort of proof that the artist has given consent to use their artwork, if that is the case please provide them with the receipt of this purchase so they can see the evidence that you’ve been granted permission by purchasing this listing.


I would absolutely love to see how it turned out! Please share your experience! or @vqstudio


  • This pass does not grant exclusive use of the design. By purchasing you agree that the copyright and ownership of the artwork belongs to VQ and cannot be used for anything else or share the pass with someone else. This pass is a one-time use per design only and is NOT for a custom tattoo design. 

    No physical or digital item will be sent. No returns, exchanges or cancellations for a tattoo pass.

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